Micro Focus Data Protector Enterprise Backup Solution

Micro Focus with Data Protector scores Market Leader recommendation in the latest Ovum Decision Matrix for electing a Software-based Data Availability and Protection Solution for the Cloud Era

According to older Ovum research (ICT Enterprise Insights 2017/18 – Global: ICT Spend and Sourcing) found the
average percentage of the IT management budget spent on data protection is 17%. On average, 29.2% of the respondents are planning new or major investments in data protection in the cloud. The combination of the growth in cloud computing with the increased focus on data protection is driven by the lack of trust in this mixed infrastructure environment.

In this challenging environment Micro Focus Data Protector gets the following ODM assessment:

Micro Focus entered the ODM this year for the first time and is classified as a leader, with an average score across all three dimensions of 6.90. Micro Focus recorded 16 out of the 19 categories in the ODM with a score above the average. In the features (technology) dimension, Micro Focus recorded
a top-three score in seven out of the nine categories. Its best performance was in operational management (8.38), data management (9.03), and security (7.67). Micro Focus is particularly strong in terms of its ability to do resource optimization and capacity planning to ensure that backup schedules can be met and SLAs not missed due to resource constraints. Micro Focus is also strong in integrating and supporting snapshot technologies from four different hardware vendors. Data management was Micro Focus’s top score and Ovum likes its ability to support with specific optimization a wide variety of data types from audio to video. Micro Focus has also developed a comprehensive application-specific data protection capability. Ovum considers that while customers may not always consider application integrations as they would traditional backup and recovery factors such as workloads etc., the impact of being able to optimize backup for data types and applications provides the administrator with a degree of flexibility so that differing SLAs can be applied if needed. Ovum believes that the company’s approach to data policies enables it to ensure that data can be restored to only the locations/people that it is supposed to be available in/to. Micro Focus also demonstrates a good awareness of the risks of ransomware and provides malware protection. Overall, Micro Focus has a very good solution that delivers a well above average performance, with some category-leading capabilities.

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