Data-centric security solutions that safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle—at rest, in motion, in use—across the cloud, on-premise and mobile environments with continuous protection.

Voltage SecureData

Voltage SecureData Enterprise neutralizes data breaches across the data lifecycle by embedding protection in the data itself. High value data is usable in its protected form in applications and business processes, yet useless to cyber-attackers if exposed improperly. SecureData supports regulatory compliance with high performance, NIST-recommended and FIPS-approved data protection for virtually unlimited data types. A flexible range of native interfaces, REST and Simple APIs, enable easy integration across applications and systems.

Voltage SecureData_ DataSheet

Voltage Secure Mail

Voltage SecureMail enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile, by both internal and external users and supports scanning and filtering for all inbound and outbound email. It  encrypts data and attachments so that if a security breach does occur, the encrypted content is of no value to the attacker. Attachments are stored on internal not external servers.

Using standards-based Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) means no keys to manage or store. Voltage SecureMail requires minimal administrative or infrastructure support and allows for global scaling.

Voltage SecureMail Moble Edition_ DataSheet

Atalla HSM

Micro Focus Security – Data Security’s Atalla hardware security modules have been helping customers to protect their most sensitive financial data for over 38 years, and we are recognized by customers as having the highest ‘Net Promoter Score’ of any HSM appliance provider. This PCI HSM certified, tamper-resistant HSM for cryptography is designed specifically for secure payments applications with the most stringent compliance requirements, including Debit, EMV, Cloud-based payments with FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ appliance. Micro Focus Security – Data Security can assist customers in leveraging best-practices around PCI-DSS, and meet NIST and ANSI standards for security and compliance audits.

SecureData for Hadoop

Provides maximum data protection for big data platforms including the Micro Focus Haven Big Data Platform, Hadoop, Teradata and others. Sensitive data privacy is preserved end-to-end across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure—from the moment of capture through business analysis applications to the back-end data store.

SecureData Payments

Provides complete data-centric, point-to-point encryption and tokenization for retail credit and debit transactions, enabling PCI scope reduction and protection of PAN data without the massive IT disruptions traditionally associated with these technologies.


Delivers complete data protection, PCI scope reduction and enablement of secure analytics, with format-preserving encryption, tokenization, and stateless, on-demand key management for securing data as it is captured, processed, and stored across databases, applications, data warehouses, Big Data and cloud environments.

SecureData Web

Brings seamless end-to-end protection of sensitive data from the user’s browser to a trusted payment host. Shields sensitive payment and personal customer data from theft in front-end and intermediate systems.