Secure development, security testing, and continuous monitoring and protection.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) uses multiple algorithms and an expansive knowledge base of secure coding rules to analyze an application’s source code for exploitable vulnerabilities. This technique analyzes every feasible path that execution and data can follow to identify and remediatevulnerabilities. Fortify SCA pinpoints the root cause of security vulnerabilities in the source code, prioritizes the most serious issues by risk ranking them, and provides detailed guidance on how to fix them so developers can resolve issues with less effort and in less time,
all while educating and building secure coding knowledge.

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Fortify WebInspect

WebInspect is an automated dynamic application testing offering for QA and Security Professionals (of all skill levels) who are responsible for web applications and mobile application services. It mimics real-world attacks to detect critical security vulnerabilities in running apps. WebInspect helps by quickly identifying, validating and prioritizing exploitable vulnerabilities.


Fortify Software Security Center

Fortify Software Security Center allows you to gain valuable insight with a centralized management repository for scan results.

Fortify on Demand

Fortify on Demand delivers application security as a service, providing customers with the security testing, vulnerability management, expertise, and support. Fortify on Demand makes it easy to create, supplement and expand a complete Software Security Assurance program.

Application Defender

With Application Defender enables visibility into application abuse while protecting software from exploits.

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