Engaging end-user experience and efficient service desk based on machine learning.

Today’s IT service desks are costly and inconsistent due to manual processes and the inability to monitor IT assets across the network. Frustrated users bypass the service desk to develop their own solutions, increasing the risk of audit and non-compliance s we have seen earlier. How can Service Management Automation help with this situation?

Service Management Automation provides an analytics-driven, highly automated and orchestrated service management solution including ITIL process orchestration and asset management.

Service Manager

Service Manager is at the core of Micro Focus IT Service Management solutions, providing a robust, responsive and agile big data service desk for the digital enterprise and reducing IT operations cost.

IT Service Management

Micro Focus IT Service Management (ITSM) Automation provides a comprehensive and integrated service desk solution delivered with different licensing and deployment options like on-premises and hosted. In addition to robust support of ITIL® best practice, the solution includes smart analytics based on Big Data. Extending the solution is task automation, configuration management with Universal Discovery, and comprehensive Asset Management.



Micro Focus Asset Manager helps optimize license investments while reducing legal risks with a full Software Asset Management solution addressing compliance out of the box for more than 600 application titles and versions.

Asset Manager allows IT organizations to manage their services like real businesses: giving the full view on costs. It provides service costing capabilities and assists with service pricing. Asset Manager supports the management of users’ subscriptions and automates the related billing based on actual usage.

Asset Manager brings the analytics and automation that allows a reduction in your IT investments and optimize the service quality.


Configuration Management System (CMS)

Configuration Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive set of tools for collecting, storing, managing, updating and presenting data about IT services configuration items (software and infrastructure) and about their relationships. Micro Focus CMS includes automated discovery (Universal Discovery) and a federated configuration management database (Micro Focus Universal CMDB) that integrates with trusted sources in a seamless fashion-allowing IT management teams to make effective decisions and control changes (Micro Focus UCMDB Configuration Manager).