DevOps-driven, multi-cloud management and orchestration.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM), is a software suite that lets you to master any cloud, any environment and any new technology to accelerate time to market for your application innovations. HCM enables you to manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments, orchestrate IT operations processes and automate IT service compliance. It allows you to improve efficiencies, power an effective development pipeline and embrace new technologies like containers and microservices. Now you can provide flexible cloud services in an adaptive self-service catalog, improving time to market for applications that will differentiate your organization.

HybridCloudManagement_Solution Brief

Operations Orchestration

Operations Orchestration is a next generation IT Process Automation solution that is designed from the ground up to increase automation adoption whether in a traditional data center or hybrid cloud environment. It provides the perfect choice for automating your IT tasks, operations and processes and is not just limited to run book automation. It also provides the most comprehensive integration capabilities and out-of-box content across multiple IT domains such as virtualization, Cloud, SAP orchestration and Security Ops.

Cloud Service Automation

Cloud Service Automation is cloud management software that makes it easy for your business to benefit from secure, compliant cloud services. Automate and simplify deployment and management of your choice of hybrid IT services.