LeanIT and its’ customers know that staying ahead of IT innovations requires rapid and effective deployment of the latest knowledge and that the effective use of IT is only possible with knowledgeable and truly competent users who are well trained.

Therefore, as the only Official Reseller & Delivery partner to Micro Focus Education Services (Legacy HPE Software Portfolio) in Greece and Cyprus, we offer certified top quality education services in the form of Public Training, Private/ Onsite Training and Knowledge Transfer & Coaching.

Public Training

These courses take place in training facilities in Greece and/or Cyprus, designed for or adjusted to education purposes. Each course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience on the specific SW product and is lab-based to keep learning practical. The class experience offers students the opportunity to personally interact with Micro Focus HPE Software Certified Instructors who have extensive experience and industry knowledge. They can accommodate both the beginning and the advanced student.

Private/ Onsite Training

Designed to minimize expenses while providing accelerated deployment times and more productive users, Private/Onsite Training includes Micro Focus HPE Software Certified Instructors at the customers chosen site. We deliver standard and/or customized training courses to address unique business needs. The maximum class size for onsite training deliveries is limited to 12 students.

Knowledge Transfer & Coaching

Knowledge Transfer sessions are customized learning sessions tailored to the current day to day activities of customer employees with the implemented Micro Focus HPE Software Products, preparing them for the daily operations and maintenance after go-live. These sessions are usually delivered by consultants from the Professional Services Organization of Micro Focus and delivered without official course books and lab environments. They provide a learning environment for specific customer use cases.

We offer the following courses:

Training Course Number of Days
Network Node Manager i Software 10.1 Essentials 5
Network Node Manager i Software 10.x Advanced 5
Operations Bridge Reporter 10.x Essentials 5
Application Performance Management 9.x Essentials 5
SiteScope 11.x Essentials 5
Universal Discovery Essentials 5
Universal CMDB 10.2 Essentials 5
Service Manager 9.x Foundations for Process Owners 5
Service Manager 9.x Advanced 5
LoadRunner 12.5 Essentials 5
Application Lifecycle Management 12.x Essentials 5


You can show your interest in participating in these courses by sending an email to sales@leanit.com.cy with the word EDUCATION in the subject pane.