Plan, manage, optimize, and deliver Agile Enterprise portfolio with compliance.

Agile Manager

Agile project management solution to plan, execute and track Agile projects. Available on premise and in the cloud, Agile Manager helps remove latencies, bolster Agile practices, and foster continuous improvement

Agile software development requires a shift in the way an organization thinks. We help customers who are transitioning, or have transitioned, from traditional waterfall approaches to iterative Agile methodologies. Our integrated application lifecycle management software and best practices help to manage Agile development and Agile testing processes successfully. These solutions provide better visibility, control and responsiveness across the lifecycle, from requirements management to delivery. They provide peace of mind to ensure that applications perform and remain secure.



ALM is a unified software platform for managing and automating activities, insight, and assets to deliver applications from requirements through development, testing, and readiness for delivery. ALM integrates with your development and testing tools and through integrated analytics provides real-time visibility of the progress, quality, and defect profile of your application projects at any stage in your software development lifecycle. In addition, ALM integrates with upstream project portfolio management software and downstream deployment, monitoring and incident management software to drive complete ALM of applications from inception to retirement.


Application Lifecycle Management on Saas

With Micro Focus ALM on SaaS, you accelerate the move towards an integrated Application Lifecycle Management for your people, processes and tools. With Micro Focus SaaS, Enterprises gain all the productivity enhancements of Micro Focus ALM, a catalyst for consolidation, a team of ALM platform experts, simplified management, scalability built-in and on-demand, and the support you need to focus on innovation.

Drive modern application lifecycle through the cloud using Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management for SaaS. Deliver amazing applications across devices by leveraging insight and automation, for a centralized management system that optimizes and accelerates the planning, testing, development, delivery and support of applications. Unlike other vendors, Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management is a proven, mature platform that brings quality applications from idea to delivery faster, without compromise.

Project and Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management helps IT focus on business innovation by releasing discretionary budgets and helping IT to focus on only those programs with the highest business impact, ensure they do not over commit and under resource IT project requests and provide visibility and insight into project and program status.

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Quality Center

Quality Center includes software modules for Requirements Management, Release and Cycle Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defect Management. Additional fee-based modules are available for Business Process Testing, Change Impact Testing for SAP, Service Test Management and web-application security testing (QAInspect). All these modules offer a seamless, consistent and repeatable process for all stages of application quality management – from gathering requirements, to planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues.