Ensure superb application performance that meets user expectation.

Business Process Monitor (BPM)

Business Process Monitor (BPM) software is a synthetic monitoring product that simulates business transactions to provide a consistent, predictable measurement-whether or not real users are using your application. Control the health of mobile applications by monitoring web and native mobile application as experienced from multiple devices. Run transactions from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall to gain insight into your end users experience. By leveraging Micro Focus LoadRunner technology, you can reuse assets in testing and production environments. Monitor coverage for a broad range of protocols and applications.


AppPulse Suite

The AppPulse Suite is an integrated Application Performance Monitoring solution that automates and accelerates the process by which application teams deliver and adapt user-focused applications. The quality of the user experience (UX) is now the benchmark by which the success of an application is measured. That is why 95% of DevOps teams with mature practices now focus on the UX.

With the AppPulse Suite, application teams can quickly isolate problems that negatively impact the UX and drill down to the root cause—from user actions, to network issues, down to the line of code or specific transaction log. The result: teams can achieve both the speed and quality required to meet user expectations and business objectives – high velocity, high frequency apps with quality.

AppPulse Trace

AppPulse Trace is a SaaS APM solution that tracks end-to-end transaction flow through all server-side service tiers. It includes a 360-degree view of transactions for analyzing distributed transaction metrics, a Micro Focus-exclusive transaction log tracing capability that delivers a correlated view of transaction-specific log messages and smart user-server correlation that matches user experience issues with server-side problem root cause to enable rapid problem resolution.


AppPulse Active

AppPulse Active is a SaaS APM solution that uses synthetic monitoring to provide continuous, real-time information about all of your applications so that app teams can see and fix issues before users are even aware of them. It enables DevOps teams to proactively see and isolate issues by application, location, transaction, or component layer so the teams can quickly address the root cause of performance and availability problems.

AppPulse Active monitors an industry leading range of web and non-web protocols enabling app teams to monitor end-user experience from multiple locations inside and outside the firewall as well as web and cloud-based services and mobile apps from a single pane of glass.

AppPulse Mobile

AppPulse Mobile is a SaaS APM solution that measures mobile app user experience from the user’s perspective. It provides a single, meaningful score from 0 to 100 that encapsulates the user’s average overall experience enables app teams to deliver 5-star apps. It’s tag- less requires no mobile app code changes to deploy.

AppPulse mobile uniquely connects user’s actions to detailed response time and crash analytics and monitors key mobile app metrics such as app launch time, UI response time, crashes, errors, battery usage, and cellular and Wi-Fi network data use. It also provides a graphical user flow view that follows mobile app user engagement and interactions, screen by screen and shows key metrics such as total number of sessions, number of users abandoning the app at specific screen, and the most popular user actions.

AppPulse Web

AppPulse Web is a web application performance monitoring solution that tracks the real user experience of your web applications. Operations and DevOps teams receive actionable data to understand user experience and prioritize issues impacting most users to achieve amazing user experience.

AppPulse Web lets you understand how your web users REALLY experience your application — from the moment they click until their UI has finished: Know what they did and what happened.  It lets you focus on what matters: Identify problems that affect most users or critical functionality and allow your Operations and DevOps teams to focus on solving issues quickly.  It provides actionable information that allows your Operations and DevOps teams to repair the problems and validate fixes for production.

 Real User Monitor (RUM)

Real User Monitor (RUM) software passively monitors the application performance and availability for all users all locations all the time. It automatically discovers underlying infrastructure, classifies user actions-giving you instant visibility into the health of real user sessions. With Real User Monitor, trace user experience is moving across multiple tiers to quickly isolate application issues.

You can capture live sessions, see where customers clicked, measure response times, and see pages that caused problems. Finally, you can use this information to create test scripts that reflect real life behavior.

Service Level Management

Service Level Management software (formerly Topaz for SLM) lets you proactively manage service levels from the business perspective. It provides service-level reporting for enterprises and service providers to measure application service levels against business objectives. Use Micro Focus Service Level Management software to define realistic, quantifiable service level objectives that reflect business goals, and track performance both on a real-time basis and for offline planning purposes.

System Availability Management

System Availability Management software, in conjunction with SiteScope™ software, lets customer’s seamlessly deploy and maintain an enterprise infrastructure monitoring solution to achieve 100-percent coverage. It connects to existing Enterprise Management System (EMS) products or uses SiteScope software to collect and monitor system availability and performance data from across your entire enterprise.

APM as a Service

Application Performance Management (APM) as a Service helps you keep your business healthy by proactively monitoring applications and services across your infrastructure. It lets you understand end-user experience from inside and outside your firewall, identify problems before they impact users, and manage internal and external application performance and availability. Flexible subscription options and a range of advanced services let you to focus on what is critical to your business while realizing full value from your Micro Focus investment.


Diagnostics software monitors of the health of application transactions in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments allowing quick isolation and resolution of issues. Using a common tool easily collaborate across the entire application lifecycle to release higher quality applications. It provides deep drill down into transactions from the end user through the backend. It uniquely serves as a common tool set for pre-production and production to diagnose application performance bottlenecks quickly and improve quality.


SiteScope software is agentless monitoring for availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures and applications. This proactive, web-based infrastructure monitoring solution is lightweight, highly customizable, doesn’t require high overhead agents on your production systems, and can be securely viewed anytime and anywhere via an iPhone/iPad or Android device.

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) keeps customer’s business healthy by monitoring applications across traditional, mobile, virtual and cloud environments. It provides insight into every transaction, for quick resolution of application issues and helps reduce costs by using a common tool in pre-production and production. APM improves application performance by monitoring end-user experience and aligning IT performance with business goals and objectives. Detailed diagnostics and real-time topology based analytics improve application quality.