Search and analysis solutions to reduce the time to identify security threats.

ArcSight Investigate

ArcSight Investigate is a next generation hunt and investigation solution built on a new advanced analytics platform to serve evolving needs of security teams. It helps hunt and defeat unknown threats by almost instantly processing large volumes of data. Security analysts are empowered with an intuitive solution to investigate higher-priority threats quickly and accurately. With the ability to leverage data lakes, ArcSight Investigate provides insights from Big Data to drive real value.


ArcSight User Behavior Analytics

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics, powered by Securonix, gives enterprises visibility into their users, making it easier to identify user-based threats through anomaly-based behavior patterns. User Behavior Analytics enables an enterprise to mitigate threats resulting from insiders who misuse access and credentials, know the value of data, and are aware of internal security controls. In addition, User Behavior Analytics adds user context to security monitoring by integrating with existing security information and event management (SIEM) technology, attributing user behavior information, role, and access to network alerts – enabling visibility on not only networking and application monitoring but also user monitoring. Behavior-based anomaly detection for users, accounts, and resources is critical to lower the risk and impact of cyber-attacks.